Funding Sources

  • The KOBAR has been supported by grants from several public and private institutions in the United States, Korea, and other countries.  These include the British Socio-Economic Research Council, the Korea Legislature Development Institute, the Korea Research Council, the Korea Foundation, the University of Missouri Research Board, the Social Science Research Council, and the U. S. National Science Foundation.

Membership & Publications

  • Currently, KOBAR provides all data files at free of charge to anyone whose intention of using KOBAR data is only academic purpose.  To download data, however, all users must inform required information to KOBAR coordinator.

  • Users are allowed to use KOBAR data for only academic purpose.  Using or referring KOBAR data for any kinds of commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.

  • All users are obliged to report bibliographical information to KOBAR, if the works using KOBAR data are published in academic journals and books.

  • Unpublished papers are also welcomed.  Please, provide a hard copy and an electronic version of the paper to the KOBAR coordinator.


  • A codebook provides information on the structure and the questionnaires of the survey.  Users are strongly encouraged to look at the codebook for a study before downloading the data files. For more information, see questionnaires.

    • How do I obtain a paper copy, or "hardcopy" of a codebook?
      • Users may download a PDF fomat of codebook, KOBAR usually does not provide "hardcopy" of a codebook by any of mail services.
    • What is a PDF file?
      • Together with the MS Word format or the HTML format, KOBAR provides the Portable Document Format (PDF).  PDF is a cross-platform format for publishing documents which preserves the work's original design and layout, including fonts and graphics.  The PDF file format was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated and can be accessed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  More information on the PDF Initiative is available
    • How do I get the Adobe Acrobat Reader?
      • Free copies of the Acrobat Reader for all common computing platforms are available from Adobe's Web site.

Reporting Problems of the Website

  • If you are running across a consistent problem with the Web site, please email the Webmaster or KOBAR coordinator, who will endeavor to find a solution to the problem.  Please be prepared to provide the following information:

    • An exact description of the problem, including the url of where it occurs
    • Information on which Web browser you are using and which version
    • Details about your computer (operating system, connection speed)
    • Information on whether the problem is unique to your computer, or occurs on a number of computers at your institution

Please understand that without a detailed explanation of the problem, it is unlikely that we will be able to resolve the matter.



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